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Name : Travis Hepfner[edit]

Sir Sivar.jpg


Medieval re-enactments[edit]

I'm the first knight, and Sergeant at arms for Shiabruck medieval re-nactments. my duties include general camp clean up and security, as well as setting up guard duties and sometimes list duties. I am also a trained live steel fighter and participate in some group shows / demos.


I have been blacksmithing for 7 ish years, and took lessons from a master blacksmith in ovid MI. (he actually got a masters degree in blacksmithing) I enjoy making swords and knive but i have made other things such as candle holders and food utencils. The best part of blacksmtihing is the flexibility you have to create something, litterally any surface of the anvil or even surroundings can be used to create something.


I've been making bows and arrows for 6 years, and the research i have done to do make them was read the bwyer's bible vol 1. if you ever want to make a bow i highly recoment that series.. Some styles of bows ive made include the european flat bow and my new favorite bow is my English warbow. (like a long bow but the pull is 110 lbs. historically this would be concidered light. if my memory is correct they used to pull weights around 150lbs +!) here is a few pictures of bow styles I have made (Note these are only the styles I didn't actually make them)

Flatbow http://www.easterrossfieldarchers.org/flatbow.htm

longbow http://www.welchmanlongbows.com/EnglishLongbowHiRes.html