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MY4777 Open Source 3D Printing Class Student Profile[edit]

4th year Electrical Engineering student at Michigan Tech. This class is my first experience with 3D printing hardware and software.

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Delta Prints[edit]

1.75mm Black PLA Zentoolworks
Dogtoy XY Calibration Print  
Great Rhombi test print  
Rockwall Hold project  
Rockwall Hold Sideview  
A handle I will attach to the top of my printer for easier carrying. Printed in two pieces, each at 50% fill, and glued together using JBQuickweld and small pieces of filament in holes.  
Celtic Lightswitch Faceplate [2]  
1.75mm Green PLA Zeni Kinetic
OSAT Tent Stake  

Print Issues & Modifications Log[edit]

Date Issue Status Solution
09/20/2014 Filament won't enter hot end. Gets stuck in the 1/4" wider gap between PFT tube and hot end internal PFT. Rough Fix Inserted 1/4" piece of PFT tube into the gap. Flared opening.
09/20/2014 Filament won't extrude out of hot end Fixed "Heat-to-cool" declogging approach did not work multiple times. Required to heat hot end, push pin into nozzle to push up obstruction, and then cool and extract. This way filament could "grab" obstruction before cooling.
09/25/2014 Repetier Host won't begin print sequence but other controls work fine. Temp feedback freezes. Fixed Using Pronterface, can consistently read temp and initiate print sequence. (11/15/2014)-discovered the freezing is due to models sliced in Cura...Slic3r works fine.
09/25/2014 Filament doesn't extrude during print. Oozes fine when not printing. Fixed Not exactly sure what fixed it. Hot end may have been to close to print surface during printing. Adjusted carriage bolts for height.
11/05/2014 Unspooling of filament is a hassle. Want independent printing. Fixed Bought a cheap lazy susan. Works great. I could make a custom printed version in the future.
11/06/2014 Need way to carry printer Fixed Printed a handle and affixed to top of printer. Works great.
11/10/2014 Removing prints from glass is near impossible (glue-stick on glass) Improved Now using glue-stick on painter's tape on glass