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A picture from last summer.

About Me[edit]

Terran J Hilden

I am a current freshman at Humboldt State University, majoring in Environmental Resource Engineering. I am from a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. I am excited to start my career and ready to help the planet in any way I can.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

Coral reef rebuilding

Alternate forms of energy

Storm drain runoff into the ocean

Experience in Engineering[edit]

Other than the courses I have taken at HSU I do not have much experience.


During the engineering 215 class at Humboldt State I had the chance to make documents in all sorts of different programs. Here is some of my best work.

This project was semester long and included team members Patrick Hassett, Kaileigh Vincent-Welling, and Robert Williams.

-Groovy Gardeners

This memo is from a project that was created by the same group.


A project planning service was used for a short amount of time for this project.

-Trello Trello

One part of this class was learning how to work AutoCAD. Here is an example of one assignment.

-AutoCAD Drawing

At the end of our semester project we turned in a time sheet.

-Time Sheet