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Name Tyler Botbyl
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Registered 2011
Impact 696
Contributions Semiconductor recycling plant case study of CIGS photovoltaic manufacturing

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Personal Background Information[edit | edit source]

Currently enrolled at Michigan Technological University as a senior working toward a B.S. in Material Science Engineering (ie. Metallurgical Engineering) in Houghton, MI. Obtained an A.S. in Science with focus in Pre-Med studies from West Shore Community College.

Research Background[edit | edit source]

Started as one of only two students doing research at West Shore community college with studies into the Mind/Body Problem of Psychology and Philosophy. Working with Clinical psychologist and philosophers to understand phenomena like out of body experiences and whether the human body has a soul.


Following a change to Bio-medical Engineering at Michigan Tech., I started as a research assistant to Dr. Seth Donahue working in the use of Bear PTH hormone in prevention of disuse osteoporosis.


Lastly I was a supporting researcher on Rehydroxylation of Ceramics to Dr. Jaroslaw Drelich and Patrick Bowen. This was conducting test to prove that ceramic dating could be predicted by Rehydroxylation techniques.


Work Experience[edit | edit source]

2007-2008 Fastenal Company

Worked as sales and service employee, commonly acting               
as a material and product support representative.

2009-2010 Research Assistant (Donahue)

Worked as researcher in laboratory involving the collection of 
data for disuse osteoporosis studies using Bear PTH

2010-2010 Loram Maintenance of Way Internship

Worked as an engineering intern for Ballast Cleaner BC14. Work 
consisted mostly of mechanical and hydraulic parts and repair.

20011-2011 Arcelor Mittal Burns Harbor Internship

Worked as an associate engineering intern assigned to Quality 
and Operations Technology working on productions lines in steel

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