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Name: Stephanie Mott

I am a undergraduate student at Humboldt State University studying Environmental Science with an emphasis in policy. My passion is finding ways in which humans can live on Planet Earth and not be exposed to toxins in ways that cause neurological brain damage.

Some of my interests are: permaculture, chi, go to festivals like the wanderlust and harmony festival, Go to clubs where u dress up to a theme, dance and can get in free (through guestlists), play badmitton, jump on trampolines, rock climb (especially outdoors), mountain bike, play volleyball (especially beach volleyball), play foosball, play ping-pong, watch movies (especially independent films, like CRUDE), swim, snorkel, someday scuba dive,ice skate, basically any kind of dancing, especially line dancing (I miss Kodiak Jacks), go to formal dances (even though I normally don't like shopping for more than 2 hours, shopping for the formal dress is my favorite part of the formal dance experience), have bonfires, eat smores, eat homemade fudge,boogie board,surfing, chill at the beach and other miscellaneous outdoor stuff and especially outdoor water stuff! I love to laugh and love people who make me laugh. If I am bored I like to do quizzes online and see if they come out true.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit]

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit]