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Image:Image:C:\Users\Akingbade\Desktop\Hepzibah Christian Research\HEPHZIBAH LOGOS\Hepzibah Christian Research Logo upgrade 2.gif|thumb|left|Hephzibah Christian Research: Pursuing An Experience Of The Christian Universe.

About Me[edit]

Name: Hephzibah Christian Research

Hephzibah Christian Research is a Faith-based Research Centre created with the aim of exploring the relationships between God and humans through the life of Jesus Christ as the most valuable tool of social building. Hephzibah Christian Research through her stewardship and partnerships engages and aligns with issues , brilliant solutions and developments in the fields of Environmental Consciousness, Environmental practice codes for businesses and communities as well as renewable and recycling technology designs for social welfare and sustainability.

We struggle to deploy ourselves to Enterprise/business development in Sustainable technology and renewable energy services for social welfare as well as public health and safety on a global scale by engaging local challenges and solutions..


  • Christian Faith Building
  • Environmental Consciousness
  • Renewable Energy and Recyling Technology For Social Welfare And Sustainability


  • Learner, Biblos Online Commentaries:
  • Learner and Blogger, TransitionInAction and Transition Nigeria.
  • Online Media, LinkedIn Professional Social Network.