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Name Shreya Thakare
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Languages English
Skills CAD, Manufacturing, FEA, CAE, Design, Analysis
Registered 2021
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I am currently pursuing masters at MTU in Mechanical Engineering with the specialization in design, analysis and testing areas. At MTU, I was enrolled with the following courses such as Finite element methods, Design for reliability, Continuum mechanics, Vehicle Dynamics, Design of Experiments, Lean manufacturing, Advanced production planning, and Machine Learning. Now, I am looking forward to learning more about open source hardware or 3D printing where I could implement all my skills from the design and analysis field and learn more opportunities.

Professional Experience

Recently, I have finished my internships with Altair and Ansys. I was working with Altair as a CAE Validation Intern last summer, where I was working with HyperWorks products such as HperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph and performed testing of newly added features. I also created automated tests with Tcl/Tk language to maintain the quality of software on windows and Linux platforms.

After my experience with Altair, I started working with Ansys as an R & D Verification Intern. I had the opportunity to work with software called Discovery (Simulation software) and SpaceClaim (CAD software). Along with it, we interns had the opportunity to work on a UI automation project, where we used an open source library called to build in house tools which will help to validate all present UI from software. My project work involved working with different features from CAD, simulation and additive manufacturing areas.

Before I started with my master's degree, I was working as Design engineer with Sigma Electric manufacturing Ltd. I was responsible for designing products and required a feed system to manufacture industrial castings. My responsibilities were to understand material specification and melting temperature and design feed system to avoid issues such as porosity, blisters etc.

Academic Projects

Static structural and fatigue analysis of crankshaft using Ansys | MTU Sept 2019 - Dec 2019

• Performed Finite element analysis such as static and fatigue analysis to observe the critical regions of part

• Proposed new design of light weight crankshaft comparing results with basic crankshaft model

Reliability analysis of rectangular column using reliability estimation methods | MTU Sept 2019 – Nov 2019

• Performed reliability calculation using 3 techniques such as FORM, UDR and MCS, proposed most suitable technique for given problem with respect to MCS technique.

• Observed the required number of function evaluation in each technique, impact of change in design parameters

Tire Test Rig | MTU Jan 2020 – Feb 2020

• Observed the longitudinal and lateral performance of pickup truck tire using ADAMS software

• Performed lateral and longitudinal force calculation using magic formula and compared graphs by MATLAB

Value stream mapping | MTU Feb 2020 – Mar 2020

• Constructed current state map and future state map by given data with lead time 51 days 12 days respectively.

• Used various Lean tools such as Kanban, supermarket, pull system, load leveling, changeover and uptime kaizen

Combustion analysis and incinerator sizing of an industrial boiler | Pune, India Jul 2015 – Apr 2016

• Designed incinerator to absorb proper mixing of air and fuel to carry out combustion and steam generation

• Published a technical paper ‘Combustor sizing of an industrial boiler’ in IRJET

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