Master graduated of Mechanical Engineering (Energy Conversion)

Shayan Rahimi[edit | edit source]

I am excited to be applying for the Mechanical Engineer position at Free Appropriate Sustainability Technology (FAST) Research Group. I started my education in one of the best high schools in Iran and finally became a high school team member with a great interest in Solar Energy and Thermo photovoltaic systems. In high school, due to my high ability in chemistry, physics, and astronomy, I was a member of the school Olympiad team, and I was accepted in the first and second stages of chemistry and physics Olympiads, but I could not win a medal. However, in astronomy, I have a national bronze medal. To be accepted to a university in Iran, I participated in the national entrance exam in Iran and got 2400 out of one hundred thousand candidates. Due to my interest in electricity, especially heat and motion sensors, I tried to study in this field, but at the suggestion of my father's friend, who was a professor at Sharif University in Tehran, I decided to choose mechanical engineering. I studied at Semnan University for a bachelor's degree. Howbeit, at the beginning of my university studies, nothing positive happened to me.

Nevertheless, over time, I became familiar with the core mechanics courses, especially the heat and thermodynamics courses, which had a very positive effect on my GPA, so much so that I was upgraded from a GPA of 13 to a GPA of 15. During my undergraduate studies at the university, I was active for two years as the secretary of the Scientific Society of Mechanical Engineering and the editor of the university heat and mass transfer journal. This experience made my team spirit very strong. My undergraduate project was also related to Solar energy and especially Photovoltaics systems. I was very familiar with ANSYS and MATLAB coding software. The process of my education has been ups and downs from the time I took the entrance exam to the university until the end of my bachelor's degree. However, I increased my team spirit and my scientific and operational knowledge during this time by doing many laboratory work and group work, especially research work with postgraduate and Ph.D. Students. Due to my interest in education, especially in the field of fabrications and testing, and heat transfer, as well as my interest in the topic of 3D printing and Solar cells.

I decided to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering ( Energy Conversion ) and continue my education. At this time in our university, due to various problems, I could not complete my work. However, I continued my studies numerically and experimentally on heat and mass transfer in the Porous tissues of clothing. The turning point in my life was studying for a master's degree. I increased my GPA. I also strengthened the team spirit.

I decided to pursue my Ph.D. because I would like to finally reach my interest in Solar energy and photovoltaics systems. and do much research with talented professors at Western University o achieve this goal. While researching the relevant professors, I met Dr.Joshua M. Pearce I read her articles and became very interested in doing my doctoral studies (PhD.) with her in the fields related to photovoltaics and 3D printing .

I have a strong work ethic, the ability to handle multiple projects at once, and a yearning never to stop learning. Asking the right questions has also been a strong suit of mine so that the final product perfectly mirrors what the client is seeking to receive. Between my schooling at Tarbiat Modares University and internship experience, I feel I am a highly qualified candidate for this position. If I want to mention the future plan and purpose of Ph.D. studies briefly, I can say that this has always been my slogan in life. Falling is beautiful if we know how to stand up, and I would like to be able to achieve high social status among my friends, acquaintances, and in my country by studying for a doctorate in my field of research.

I am looking forward to speaking with you and the management team soon and hearing from you concerning possible employment opportunities. Thank you for your consideration.


Shayan Rahimi

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