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My dad and I flying.

About Me[edit]

Shaela Hogue
I am a dedicated Environmental Resources Engineering student at Humboldt State University. I have a passion to better the environment for the longevity of all species.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Renewable Energy
  • Water Quality
  • Outdoor Air Quality

Experience in Engineering[edit]


Examples of work I've completed in Engineering 215 (ENGR 215), Intro to Design:

  • A webpage Showing our design process for "Wedge and a Ledge," our ENGR 215 design project.
  • Example of a memo I completed with my team, The Imagineers.]
  • A spreadsheet showing my time spent on my wedging table design project for ENGR 215.
  • A Gantt Chart that I created with my team.
  • My AutoCad drawing of our chosen design for ENGR 215 wedging table project.
  • A collaborative document made by The Imagineers and myself.