Sean McBride

My name is Sean McBride and I am a second year Mechatronics engineer currently studying at the University of Western Ontario. I have developed a strong passion for engineering and its applications through out my university career, going as far as to join a multitude of engineering clubs and create engineering projects of my own.

I have participated in engineering clubs in high school and university. I competed in the First robotics competition and vex robotics competitions through out high school and am currently a member of Western Engineering Mars (WE Mars), on the electrical team. In these positions I have developed a well rounded set of skills in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering. During my first robotics experience I developed a lifting system to lift our robot onto a ledge. In WE Mars I helped develop the controls of the rover using Altium design software.

I have also worked on many personal engineering projects to help develop my engineering skills. These have mainly focused around microcontrollers such as Arduino and Raspberry pie. Projects I have completed include, automated security camera using a Raspberry pie, line follower robot using an Arduino Duo and modifying a engineering helmet with potentiometer controlled LEDS and a bread board mount to hold any number of more complex electrical displays with an Arduino Nano. All of these projects utilize opens source software and hardware to accomplish these tasks. The use of open sourced Arduino software along with open sourced libraries allowed me to more easily control the hardware I use. Through out my engineering career I have always used open sourced hard ware and software to most effectively complete tasks.

I believe these projects demonstrate my commitment and love of all things engineering. I am very excited to apply my skills to a more professional engineering task and environment.

An image of my line follower robot, which can also detect and carry a ball.
An LCD display
Creation Process of my engineering helmet
This is the lifter the lifting team and myself designed for the First Robotics competition (the hex bars creating a frame around the robot)
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