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Name Kevin Cooper
Affiliations Humboldt State University

I am currently a sophomore at Humboldt State University and I am studying Environmental Resource Engineering. I enjoy engineering and thinking about how exactly things work. Without engineering, the world would not be the same.

About Me[edit | edit source]

Name: Kevin Cooper

My name is Kevin Cooper, most people know me as scoop-coop. Scoop Coop is my nickname which I adapted from baseball some years back. I am currently a sophomore and my major is Environmental Resource Engineering. I am from the bay area and I play football for Humboldt State. I am adventurous and outgoing. I always enjoy meeting new people, being that I am a social person. I look forward to learning new things this year and pursuing my goal to become an engineer. :)

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

I have a high interest in finding out how exactly things work. I am a curious person so I am always things about things. I also have a high-interest in math. Math has always been one of my best subjects. I enjoy figuring out how things work and learning the different techniques that can be used to solve a individual math problem. I am interested in fixing things and building things. I like construction, basically anything that deals with mechanics.

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

I have very little experience in Engineering. I have taken some courses to better my knowledge overall, but I am young and still have a lot to learn. I have taken Engr 115 "Intro to Engineering" and some experience with excel. Overall I am good with using computers, tho it is some areas that could use improvement.