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Sanjay Debnath

Solar cellt.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Photovoltaics.

  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering(Current), MTU
  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering, BUET

Current Project[edit]

  1. Metamaterials, Supervised by Dr. Durdu O. Guney
  2. Dispatch Strategy of Solar Cell(PVT), Supervised by Dr. Joshua M. Pearce

Spring 2012[edit]

  1. Solar Hacking: Photovoltaics - EE 5900 - 03 by Dr. Joshua M. Pearce
  2. The Laser - EE 5440 - 0A by Dr. Warren F. Perger
  3. Quantum Mechanics II - PH 5411 - 0A by Dr. Ranjit Pati

Fall 2011[edit]

  1. Engineering Electromagnetics - EE 5410- 0A by Dr. Durdu O. Guney
  2. Microwave Technique & Antennas - EE 5900 - 02 by Dr. George Semouchkin
  3. Quantum Mechanics I - PH 5410 - 0A by Dr. Ranjit Pati

Favorite Song[edit]

kolaveri di