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Robin Elizabeth holds up a bolted asparagus grown from her garden in the East Bay.

About Me[edit | edit source]

Name: Robin Elizabeth

Robin Elizabeth is totally spaced and out of this world. Juggling school with work while always making time for play, the rebel lioness seeks to explore, learn, and expand on everything laid out before her. Currently a junior studying journalism at Humboldt State University, this bay area native can be found when not in class with her toes buried in the grass and dirt staring up at the clouds above. After obtaining her degree she plans to join the Peace Corps, and afterwards wishes to pursue travel journalism as she continues to explore the world. She loves the Grateful Dead and anything funky. She is also a proud Leo and lives out to her sun driven sign.

My favorite page on Appropedia is The recycled orchestra. (https://www.appropedia.org/The_recycled_orchestra)

Favorite sources of information[edit | edit source]