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Huskie all the way!!.

About Me[edit]

Ram Krishnan
Howdy there! My name is Ram and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Science Degree in the field of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Michigan Technological University, USA. Having completed my B.Tech in Control & Instrumentation, my career objective is to gain as much knowledge and experience in the field of Power & Energy Systems and applying my expertise to help mankind and contribute to the society.

In addition to listening to music and reading books, I love playing soccer and spending time with my family and friends.


My primary field of interest lies in the field of Renewable Energies. I wish to undertake various projects in the field of Solar & other alternative sources of energy and help making our planet a cleaner place to live in. My area of specialisation is hence Power & Energy Systems. Apart from this, I also have a deep interest in the field of Power system Protection: use of relays and various other devices in protecting a power system network.