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AT Sourcebook citation subpage example[edit | edit source]

AT Sourcebook/Layout"<"noinclude">" INSERT TEXT HERE "</"noinclude">" Note. Remove "<"noinclude">" and "</"noinclude">" quotes on page.

Layout template[edit | edit source]

  • Use "<"noinclude">" and "</"noinclude">" tags to keep text and the subpage category only on the citation subpage (without the quotation marks, needed here to properly display}.
    • Make sure the "<"noinclude">" tag immediately follows the closing layout brackets to avoid extra line breaks on section pages.
    • Like this: }}"<"noinclude">"
    • Add text immediately after the "<"noinclude">" tag.
    • Add {{DEFAULTSORT:{{SUBPAGENAME}}}} and [[Category:AT Sourcebook subpages]] at the bottom of each citation subpage.
{{:AT Sourcebook/Layout
  |link       =
  |name       =
  |file1      =
  |file2      =
  |bib        =
  |copyright  =
  |cat1       =
  |cat2       =
  |cat3       =
  |cat4       =
  |cat5       =
}}"<"noinclude">"<!-- Note. Remove "<"noinclude">" and "</"noinclude">" quotes --> 


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