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About Me[edit]

Name: Rey Mendoza

Hello, so you'd like to know little about me? Ok. Well I'm originally from Santa Cruz County, Watsonville to be specific. Following high school I moved to San Jose where I went to West Valley CC for 2 years. During my time at West Valley I was taking classes for architecture, but than when it came time to transfer I decided to go with the Environmental Resource Engineering. I have a passion and appreciation for the natural world. I'm enjoying living in Humboldt County thus far. Go 49ers!

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Creating systems that will benefit the environment
  • Contribute to the improvement of ecosystem through engineering
  • I'm interested in working on engineering projects across the globe

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Eningeering 115, 210, 215
  • I have taken calculus up to calc 3
  • I've worked a lot with my brother on various things. He graduated from UCD in engineering.

Engineering 215 Spring 2012 Portfolio[edit]

During the course of Engineering 215 Introduction to Design, my design team and I worked with the client Friends of the Dunes The Friends of the Dunes. My team The DunesPlatoon objective was to create a sustainable method of transporting beach grass from the dunes to waiting vehicles for offsite disposal. During the design process my team and i spent 200 hours creating a document detailing our process and the final product, the StretchBarrow StretchBarrow

Here are samples of various types of works I've completed during my Engineering 215 course: