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Name Sara Reiner
Location Westchester, NY
Interests 3d Printing
Groups MOST users
Registered 2013
Impact 766
Contributions 3D printed solar charger

Sara Reiner is currently studying at Byram Hills High School in Westchester, NY. She is a sophomore enrolled in Authentic Science Research at the High School. This program originated by Dr. Robert Pavlica, it has been recognized by the Intel Science and Engineering Foundation in 2003 as one of the top five high school research programs in the world. The Program grants up to twelve college credits through University at Albany, State of New York. Authentic Science Research is a course takes the student out of the traditional classroom setting, and sends them into the real world of Science Research. It is a demanding and rigorous three-year program that culminates with entry in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search, also known as the "Junior Noble Prize". Over 57% of students who complete the program at Byram Hills High School, have gone on to receive either an M.D., PH d. or an engineering degree. Beginning in the sophomore year it takes students out of the traditional classroom curriculum and brings them into the challenging world or research in universities and medical centers throughout the world.

She is studying sustainable 3-D printing with the incorporation of Open Source Appropriate Technology with the Michigan Tech in Open Sustainability Technology Research Group.

Publications[edit | edit source]

Idiot's Guide to 3-D Printing

2.10.2012 This paper is typically ten to twenty paragraphs that describe a part of the information and fundamentals of 3-D Printing in technical detail.


Review Article

12.04.2012 This paper is an overview of recent research that has taken in place in the 3-D Printing field.


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