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About Me[edit]

Aidan Belleau
Senior at HSU
Environmental Studies- Appropriate Technology
I like tigers, slacklines, my bicycle, good friends, music festivals, laying on the beach, and eating mushrooms and especially if they are all in the same day.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit]

  • Campus involvement for designing a net-zero bicycle-powered produce cart
  • How to make arguments for implementing AT in renovation and maintenance of public buildings
  • What types of AT have been used in Indigenous agricultural/collecting techniques
  • Small Scale Solar and Hydro Assessments
  • Efficiency of Community Supported Agriculture shares vs productive home garden designs

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit]

  • Building a 50 gallon rainwater catchment (complete with a first flush) on my house in Arcata, California
  • Calculating Embedded Energy in plastic straws from cradle to grave
  • A semester in ENGR308
  • Aquaponics in my living room
  • Permaculture experience on compost, green building, irrigation, and organic fertilizers