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Current Work[edit | edit source]

Graduate Research Assistant (May '20 - Present) (Advisor: Dr. Hoda Hatoum Co-Advisor: Dr. Hassan Masoud Biofluids Lab MTU )

  • Built the pulse duplicator (left heart simulator) to test the performance of the Aortic Valve under various conditions (will be recording flow, pressure, and PIV data)
  • Created 3D printable model of Fontan from CT scan DICOM images.
  • Working on CFD of Fontan

MSE 5261 Project (Sep '20 - Present) Open Source: Left Heart Model: Literature Review

Graduate Teaching Assistant: MET 3400 Applied Fluid Mechanics

MSE 5261 Science Hardware for Children Project Catapult-Learn Physics With Fun

Featured in Top Picks: 3D Print Designs From the Latest Members of the Community Blog


I am an engineer with a passion for continuous improvement. I am seeking Quality and Manufacturing Engineering roles in hopes of contributing to product development, improving the manufacturing process, and promoting lean methodologies utilizing my process improvement, CAD modeling, and manufacturing experience.

I have worked on root cause analysis and continuous improvement projects using quality and lean tools. In my academic projects, I was able to bring processes under statistical control by constructing control charts, analyzing data for distributions, and identifying special causes and common causes. Also, I have worked on various design projects utilizing my CAD modeling and analysis skills.

I am an excellent team player with sound communication skills and have also held leadership positions. I show a great work ethic and manage my actives very well. I also take immense pleasure in learning and experiencing new things.

Let's connect:
📧 📱 +1 (906)-370-7326

💪Design & Manufacturing💪

💻 Solidworks | AutoCAD | Minitab | Fusion 360 | ANSYS | MS office

📈 Lean Manufacturing | Six Sigma | Statistical Process Control | 5S | Root Cause Analysis | Value Stream Mapping

Some Things I've Built[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]

Manufacturing Engineer (Jun ‘18 - May ‘19)
S.M. Rolling Works | India

  • Designed punch - die assembly for automotive sheet metal parts using SolidWorks & AutoCAD and prepared BOM
  • Conducted 5S project in press line shop resulting increased storage capacity of 28% and safer for on-floor operators
  • Reduce cycle time in locating files, information, and supplies in a Gemba project
  • Performed and documented raw material, first article, in-process, and finished goods inspection

Continuous Improvement Intern (Production Dept.) (Jun ‘17 - Jul ‘17)
HYT Engineering Company PVT. LTD | India

  • Identified root cause of failure for chip conveyor system used for CNC wheel lathe machine by conducting RCA using Process Map, 5 Why’s, Pareto Charts and Cause and Effect diagram
  • Presented design and maintenance solutions to senior management leading to estimated savings of $50K annually
  • Developed standard work for the client to reduce the failure causing downtime of over 2 days

Education[edit | edit source]

University Degree Description
Michigan Technological University Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Expected May '21

  • MSE5621 Open Source Scientific Hardware
  • EET4144 Real-Time Robotic System
  • MEEM5655 Lean Manufacturing
  • MEEM5650 Advance Quality Engineering
  • MA4720 Design of Experiments
  • MEEM5695 Additive Manufacturing
  • MEEM5401 Design for Reliability
  • MEEM5170 Finite Element Methods in Engg.
University of Mumbai

Pillai College of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Aug '15 - May '18

  • MEE8023 Project Management
  • MEL501 Business Communication and Ethics
  • MEC802 Industrial Engineering and Management
  • MEC704 Production Planning and Control
  • MEC502 Mechanical Measurement and Control
  • MEC 601 Metrology and Quality Engineering
  • MEC 502 Mechanical Measurements and Control
  • MEC 606 Finite Element Analysis
Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education

Agnel Polytechnic

Diploma, Mechanical Engineering

Aug '12 - Jun '15

Academic Projects[edit | edit source]

Improvement of Paper Car Manufacturing Process Using Lean Tools (Feb ‘20 - Apr ‘20)

  • Reduced cycle time by 78% by implementing 5S, Poka-Yoke, Cellular Layout and creating SOP
  • Reduced lead time by 88.22% by constructing VSM and implementing FIFO, Kanban, Pull system
  • Achieved higher utilization of operators by Line-Balancing and reduced wastes to achieve the targeted Takt Time

Streamline the Safety Check Process of Vehicles (Feb ‘20 - Mar ‘20)

  • Created the project charter and process map to analyze the wastes and opportunities for improvement

Statistical Process Control (SPC) of Lathe Turning Operation to Manufacture Bronze Bushing (Oct ‘19 - Dec ‘19)

  • Analyzed Shewhart's control charts for statistical signals to identify special causes in the manufacturing process
  • Eliminated the special causes to bring the process under Statistical Control and computed Process Capability Indices
  • Identified different process distribution in a data set and used Minitab to constructed control charts

Static Behavior of Dental Implant for Different Grades of Titanium Alloys Using FEM (Oct ‘19 - Dec ‘19)

  • Designed and performed static structural analysis of dental implant assembly for 6 different grades of titanium alloys to evaluate von misses stress and factor of safety

Wall Climbing Device for Inspection of Large Metallic Surface (Aug ‘17 - May ‘18)

  • Built a Wall Climbing Device to provide safe and reliable inspection process considering ergonomics and aesthetics
  • Performed 3D printing (FDM), Laser Cutting, and Arduino programming for RC control and camera Pan-Tilt

Organizations[edit | edit source]

Leaders in Continuous Improvement Sep 2019 – Dec 2020 | Vice President

Indian Students Association Sep 2019 – Present | Member

Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) Aug 2015 – Jun 2018 | Member

Mechanical Engineering Student Association Aug 2015 – Jun 2018 | Member

Certification[edit | edit source]

SOLIDWORKS: Become a Certified Associate Today (CSWA), Udemy

CAD and Digital Manufacturing, Autodesk

Six Sigma Green Belt, Project Management Institute

Data Analytics for Lean Six Sigma, University of Amsterdam

2.008x: Fundamentals of Manufacturing Processes, MITX

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