Bio[edit | edit source]

Olin Johnson
I am a third year undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University studying Materials Science and Engineering. I am a member of the Open Source Hardware Enterprise (OSHE).

Enterprise Spring 2015[edit | edit source]

This semester I worked on two major projects in OSHE, the open source induction furnace, and an open source laser cutter table, the Lasersaur.

I headed up the mechanical team working on the Lasersaur, consisting of Steven Abramczyk and Andy Schaub. At the beginning of the semester the lasersaur was a frame with random pieces and parts strewn about. We found and consolidated all the parts we had for the laser cutter, and then assembled everything that we had. We then discovered what parts we still needed and acquired almost everything. As of 4/21/15 the lasersaur is almost functional. Most parts are installed. The list of what still needs to be done includes: a compressed air system needs to be acquired and installed, calibration of motors and interfacing with a computer needs to finished, and a final place to store the cutter needs to be found.
Open Source Induction Furnace
I worked on the mechanical side of the Induction Furnace with Walker Nelson, Gregory Chamberlain, and Patrick Rice leading, throughout the semester we have assembled most of the furnace. The coil has been fabricated, it needs spacers to be machined and then the whole thing grouted. The radiator assembly including the pump has been finalized and assembled on the frame. 3D modeling of parts that need to be machined for housing of components have been completed. Installation of many of these parts are waiting on the machine shop to finish them. A complete report, including instructions on how to replicate our build has been added to throughout the semester. A link to the report will be added when possible.
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