Graphic designer/typographer
Editor, indexer, abstracter

Interests[edit | edit source]

  • Computer programming
  • Linguistics and lexicography
  • Indic philosophy
  • Esperanto

Experience[edit | edit source]

  • Have contributed numerous articles to Wikipedia in English and Esperanto
  • Have volunteered at to translate user-interaction messages for a variety of open-source software applications into Esperanto
  • Have tracked down and provided citation sources for several quotations in WikiQuote

Some useful templates[edit | edit source]

Spam busting[edit | edit source]

If a new page has been created purely as spam, just add {{delete|spam}} to the top. Type SPAM in the summary below the edit box, and click save. This adds a large notice (so visitors see the warning before they see the spam), and helps bring the page to the attention of Appropedia's admin team, who can delete the page.

Discussion[View | Edit]

Thanks for correcting my typo[edit source]

U:TTPORTING has over 1,500 page views and you were the first to spot my typo. Welcome to Appropedia. I deleted the other pages you marked with {{Delete}}. Let me know if you have any questions about the site, or you can ask on Appropedia:Village pump. --Teratornis 20:18, 25 August 2012 (PDT)

Thanks a lot. I'm still experimenting, but it seems like you have a community with a great deal of potential, some of it already being realized. As a veteran of template porting internally among Wikipedia languages, I found your discussion of the problem scope quite illuminating, and I hope to be able to help a bit once I become more familiar with Appropedia. — 03:28, 26 August 2012 (PDT)
You might like to review the results of User:Chriswaterguy's attempt at an automatic template import; see User talk:Teratornis#Importing templates with dependencies. I am generally not comfortable with automatic methods of template importing, due to the need to customize a large fraction of templates from Wikipedia to make them work here. I'm glad you found something useful in U:TTPORTING - I wouldn't at all consider myself an expert at template porting/transwikiing because I still get frequently stuck somewhere. It would be nice to have a template debugger; templates in MediaWiki can become as complex as computer programs but we don't have the wikipedia:Integrated development environment tools that modern programmers take for granted. --Teratornis 11:41, 26 August 2012 (PDT)

Welcome![edit source]

I see you're a wiki veteran, but I thought I'd give you our standard welcome anyway. Good to have you here.

A graphic designer - very cool. If you're interested in using those skills to help Appropedia, let me know. --Chriswaterguy 18:42, 6 September 2012 (PDT)

Thanks[edit source]

Hi Objectivesea,

Thanks for the great edits!

-Lonny 00:23, 13 September 2012 (PDT)

Thanks, Professor Grafman. I haven't checked in at this site for a while, but I'm glad I could help a bit.
Objectivesea 21:58, 25 September 2012 (PDT)
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