Introduction[edit | edit source]

User data
Name Nicholas Whisman
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Analog Devices
Location Houghton, MI
Languages English, Russian
Skills 3D printing, Circuit design and PCB Routing (KiCAD), SPICE Modeling, Project and Budget Management, Creative Thinking and Problem Solving, Soldering, Programming (C, C++, Assembly, Matlab, Octave GNU, Python), Common Lab Tools (O-scopes, power supplies, multimeters, etc.), Linux.
Registered 2021
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Hello! I am Nicholas Whisman, currently a fourth (and final) year undergraduate student in the electrical engineering department at Michigan Technological University. I have worked in a variety of departments at Michigan Tech, including the Aerospace Enterprise, Wireless Communications Enterprise, Open Source Hardware Enterprise, the MOST lab, and research in the Chemistry department a couple years ago.

Biography[edit | edit source]

I am from a relatively small town about 75 miles outside of Chicago called Rochelle, Illinois. In recent years, I have moved full time to Houghton, Michigan to study Electrical Engineering at Michigan Tech. Here at Michigan Tech, I have been very active in the practical side of my studies-- spending a couple years in the Aerospace and Wireless Communications Enterprises heading up a variety of projects, including integration of a software defined radio to a cubesat payload and development of an android app capable of characterizing ambient sounds.

Additionally, I have had a variety of jobs since coming to Michigan Tech, such as theater technician work, several months in the IT department, and a summer with SiriusXM radio.

Currently, I am gearing up for graduation, and spending time with my two cats-- Orion and S'more. In spring of 2022 I will be moving to Oregon to work for Analog Devices.

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Control Circuit Board for Grilled Cheese Flipping Robot Designed, developed, and assembled control circuit board for grilled cheese making robot.
  • Audio Characterization System Project manager for research, design, and implementation of a machine learning system to record, save, and characterize ambient sounds. System designed to grow over time via the input of many users.
  • Audio Spectrum Visualizer Currently designing software to take in audio (music, specifically) and output in close to real time a spectrum analysis of the system in a visually appealing way.

Past Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Integration of Software Defined Radio into Cubesat Payload Tested, verified, and integrated BladeRF SDR into cubesat payload. Spent considerable time developing a "triggering" program for the device's data capture to be controlled by various other components.
  • Simple Chip-Tune Keyboard Simple Arduino based circuit that functions like a keyboard. Plays a major scale, and is tune-able. Utilizes pulse width modulation to maintain the classic "square wave" sound of classic video game systems.

Work Experience[edit | edit source]

  • MOST Lab -- Researcher
    • Designed, built, and tested several PCB modules for BREAD project
    • Wrote Python script to repurpose GigabotX as a USB microscope scanning device
  • SiriusXM Radio-- Satellite Uplink Systems Intern
    • Design and Implementation of Chrome Extension Automated Distribution System
    • Developed Automated Testing Suite in Python for User Interface Verification
  • MTU IT-- Technician
    • Maintenance, assembly, and troubleshooting of on campus computers
    • Voluntarily mainly worked with Linux Machines
  • Rosza Center for Performing Arts-- Theater Technician
    • Running and designing sound and light systems for a variety of shows
    • Various theater repairs/upgrades

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

For fun, I enjoy playing video games, playing with my cats, Dungeons and Dragons, and traveling. In the past when I had more resources, I was an avid jazz musician/singer and dabbled in blacksmithing.

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