Introduction[edit | edit source]


Hello! I am Nicholas Whisman, currently a fourth (and final) year undergraduate student in the electrical engineering department at Michigan Technological University. I have worked in a variety of departments at Michigan Tech, including the Aerospace Enterprise, Wireless Communications Enterprise, Open Source Hardware Enterprise, the MOST lab, and research in the Chemistry department a couple years ago.

Biography[edit | edit source]

I am from a relatively small town about 75 miles outside of Chicago called Rochelle, Illinois. In recent years, I have moved full time to Houghton, Michigan to study Electrical Engineering at Michigan Tech. Here at Michigan Tech, I have been very active in the practical side of my studies-- spending a couple years in the Aerospace and Wireless Communications Enterprises heading up a variety of projects, including integration of a software defined radio to a cubesat payload and development of an android app capable of characterizing ambient sounds.

Additionally, I have had a variety of jobs since coming to Michigan Tech, such as theater technician work, several months in the IT department, and a summer with SiriusXM radio.

Currently, I am gearing up for graduation, and spending time with my two cats-- Orion and S'more. In spring of 2022 I will be moving to Oregon to work for Analog Devices.

Current Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Control Circuit Board for Grilled Cheese Flipping Robot Designed, developed, and assembled control circuit board for grilled cheese making robot.
  • Audio Characterization System Project manager for research, design, and implementation of a machine learning system to record, save, and characterize ambient sounds. System designed to grow over time via the input of many users.
  • Audio Spectrum Visualizer Currently designing software to take in audio (music, specifically) and output in close to real time a spectrum analysis of the system in a visually appealing way.

Past Projects[edit | edit source]

  • Integration of Software Defined Radio into Cubesat Payload Tested, verified, and integrated BladeRF SDR into cubesat payload. Spent considerable time developing a "triggering" program for the device's data capture to be controlled by various other components.
  • Simple Chip-Tune Keyboard Simple Arduino based circuit that functions like a keyboard. Plays a major scale, and is tune-able. Utilizes pulse width modulation to maintain the classic "square wave" sound of classic video game systems.

Work Experience[edit | edit source]

  • MOST Lab -- Researcher
    • Designed, built, and tested several PCB modules for BREAD project
    • Wrote Python script to repurpose GigabotX as a USB microscope scanning device
  • SiriusXM Radio-- Satellite Uplink Systems Intern
    • Design and Implementation of Chrome Extension Automated Distribution System
    • Developed Automated Testing Suite in Python for User Interface Verification
  • MTU IT-- Technician
    • Maintenance, assembly, and troubleshooting of on campus computers
    • Voluntarily mainly worked with Linux Machines
  • Rosza Center for Performing Arts-- Theater Technician
    • Running and designing sound and light systems for a variety of shows
    • Various theater repairs/upgrades

Hobbies[edit | edit source]

For fun, I enjoy playing video games, playing with my cats, Dungeons and Dragons, and traveling. In the past when I had more resources, I was an avid jazz musician/singer and dabbled in blacksmithing.

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