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About Me[edit]

Name: Nathan Payne

I grew up in Hailey, Idaho, which is one of three towns that compose the Wood River Valley. It's a beautiful area with a ski resort (Sun Valley) and it was there that I found my interest in nature and people. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, many various sports, and cooking. I am an artist in many areas, primarily with paints, ceramics, and music -I play guitar for my band Quailfish- but I also pursue many types of math. I'm currently studying Environmental Resource Engineering at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

I love the earth and the humans that inhabit it, but we have yet to implement efficient systems of producing energy that are harmonious and not detrimental to the earth, and I hope to influence a reform towards installing these efficient systems worldwide by engineering appealing structures, devices, etc. that provide unlimited energy through our renewable resources. I have an artistic brain, but I'm also skilled with math, so I am combining my abilities into the design-orientated field that is engineering. Ultimately, I have a strong desire to improve the lack of renewable resource harvesting we currently find ourselves without.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

As a child I played with a computer program called "The Incredible Machine," which is a complex rube-goldberg simulation game. Then, in junior high school, I took an advanced-learning class in which individual groups had to engineer a roller-coaster out of plastic drinking straws. It was required to have multiple features, such as loops and a cork-screw, and finally, a marble had to be able to complete the entire coaster with its own momentum. In high school I took an architecture course that introduced me to AutoCAD. Since then I've been pursuing engineering at Humboldt State University.


For my Engineering 215 class, my group Greenbelt Creations constructed an interactive display that compares alternative insulation to conventional insulation. The document created for the project is located here: The Insulation Station

Also created for my project were memos, excel charts, AutoCAD drawings, and a project plan Gantt chart made using Open Pario. Below are the links to each.


Time Sheet


Gantt Chart