Second Year Engineering Student Nathan Armstrong
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Name Nathan Armstrong
Skills 3D design, Excel, Python and C programming
Interests 3D printing, Electronics, Bread baking
Registered 2024
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About[edit | edit source]

Hello, my name is Nathan. I am currently an undergraduate student attending Western University, studying Mechatronic Systems engineering. I always look forward to learning new things and I'm always eager to work on new projects. In particular, I'm especially interested in anything electronics or robotics related and I'm trying to improve my skills in these areas.

Academic and Background and Skills[edit | edit source]

For high school, I graduated from Oakridge Secondary School in London Ontario to receive my Ontario secondary school diploma. Now attending the University of Western Ontario, I am in my second year of mechatronic systems engineering. The courses I've taken have deepened my interest the theoretical side of engineering science as well as my interest in the practical engineering design. I have been placing an emphasis on obtaining good academic standing, and I've found a spot on the Dean's Honor List. Moving forward I want to maintain my academics, but branch out to more personal and team projects as well.

Projects[edit | edit source]

For my first year design project, I had done the CAD modelling for a wheelchair mounted treat dispenser. I made 7 separate parts which were fitted together to house a servo motor. It was a compact and lightweight design that was dimensioned according to the wheelchair's geometry, and it could be controlled by a buddy button on the chair.

3D printed parts
Internal mechanism of the treat dispenser
Fully assembled treat dispenser

Interests and Goals[edit | edit source]

Currently, I am wanting to take on more projects; either personal, for a design team, or by conducting research. I'm looking for more opportunities to learn more about electronics and microcontrollers, and become better at 3D design and printing. By the time I finish my undergrad, I want to have a wide range of skills that I can use in multiple fields of engineering. Ultimately, I want to learn as much as possible so that I can work on projects that help others.

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