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Education[edit | edit source]

Michigan Technological University – Houghton, MI

Software Engineering undergraduate, Minor in Electrical Engineering

Experiences[edit | edit source]

Team Software Project

  • Led Team in a scrum-based design of an Android Application designed to create multiple class schedules with personal customization
  • Made familiar with multiple designs for software and multiple group-based agile developments techniques
  • Familiar with Java, C, C++, Python, PHP, SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript,NodeJS,Angular.
  • Familiar with Arduino and ARM microcontrollers
  • Professional experience with PLC using Allen Bradley programming

Extracurricular Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Huskies Pep Band
  • MTU Cooking Club
  • IRHC Broomball webmaster and public relations

Open Source Hardware Fall 2018[edit | edit source]


This semester I started development and redesign of the Recycle Bot. The Recycle Bot will be controlled via an Android Application that connects via BlueTooth. I have worked with Jennifer Baker on the design of the Application and the redesign of the software that controlled the Recycle Bot. Page one of the application will be being able to turn on and off Bluetooth of the mobile device and connecting to the Bluetooth device. This page is mostly complete and openly available on the OSHE enterprise github.Page two which will hopefully have places to input numbers to run the RecycleBot.

Next semester I plan on continuing the development and redesign in order to fully optimize the Application and the embedded software.

Open Source Hardware Sring 2019[edit | edit source]


This semester I continued the development of the Recycle bot android application. A major issue and time consumer was developing a proper Bluetooth module to connect the phone and the Arduino. We solved the problem by adding a delay between each opportunity to connect and disconnect. We also had to compile the entire app onto 1 page, as if a new page was moved too, Bluetooth would need to reconnect, which was inconvenient for the user. I continued to work with Jennifer Baker on this application and Aubrey to finalize the diameter reader code. We have finished the application, but need to continue extensive testing to verify all methods work correctly. This app can be found via the Open Source Enterprise GitHub.

Next semester I will most likely pursue a new project as this project can be considered complete.

Open Source Hardware Fall 2019[edit | edit source]


This semester I began working on my capstone project. I am the team lead of our industrial recycle bot V.2. This project is a continuation of a previously designed recycle bot, in which I will be improving the components and will look to improve output efficiency and reducing overall cost. We began with deconstructing the old design, see the image to the left, to be able to restart from a new design. I have helped gather, compile and improve the current codebase for the original recycle bot. I have introduced new libraries to better fit our design and made more efficient software. Using funding from GM, we began ordering new components for our design next semester. This semester consisted of mostly planning and gathering of materials, in the spring we look to fully complete one recycle bot, with greatly improved code and output efficiency.

Our project page can be visited by clicking this link:

Open Source Hardware Spring 2020[edit | edit source]


This semester I continued working on my capstone project, the industrial recycle bot V.2. Receiving funding from my Enterprise manufacturing initiative(EMI), we were able to begin assembly of the project. This semester I completed the hot end code base and began a template for the cold end. The hot end uses fans, a servomotor, and headers to create an endless loop of monitoring to make sure our project stays at its desired temperature and maintains a steady flow of filament. I have added support for a User interface to interact with the recycle bot with an easy to use the system. This system will be implemented next semester as this project was cut short. Next semester I will begin testing the current code on the hot end to find any potential bugs in our system. After I test the hot end system, I will assemble the cold end and begin working on code depending on how the final layout is designed. This project is projected to finish next semester for our first assembly, but due to the semester being cut short, it may need to be extended a semester. I created documentation on our software and electrical side for anyone to pick up the project after I graduate will have an easy time continuing this project.

Our project page can be visited by clicking this link:

Open Source Hardware Fall 2020[edit | edit source]


This semester I continued work on my capstone project, the industrial recycle bot V.2. Using funds from the enterprise manufacturing initiative(EMI), we finished purchasing all the required components for our design, coming at a final cost of $999. This price would be reduced as these included pieces that were not used. This semester, I did extended updating of the Hot end code to fit the redesigns that were done. This redesign also now comes with test cases that will test each individual section of the recycle bot to verify that each working section is working and can be used to troubleshoot issues further in testing. The cold end section of the code was also finished and is ready to be implemented once the hot end section is fully tested. This section also has test cases that will verify each component to be functioning correctly. The current codebase was updated further with comments to allow for users to be able to quickly edit pin outputs or find out which section needs to be changed. Due to the pandemic and limited lab access, the assembly of the recycle bot could not be completed, but currently sits about halfway wired with all the other components in place. The remaining wiring should be easy to complete and will be ready to test.

All my code is uploaded to our new GitHub page, which can be found at