Personal Summary[edit | edit source]

A hardworking, self-motivated and competent engineering graduate who possesses a comprehensive knowledge of advanced manufacturing, machine learning and energy systems.

A team player with excellent communication skills and academic qualifications, who has self-discipline and the ability to work with the minimum of supervision.

Academic Background[edit | edit source]

I studied mechanical engineering at Babol Noshirvani University of Technology for BSc (2009-2013; GPA: 3.4/4). My thesis title was "Defect detection of metal forming processes– Rubber pad forming" (Score: 19 out of 20). Next, I graduated from Tehran Tarbiat Modares University with an MSc in mechanical engineering (2014-2017; GPA: 3.81/4). During my master's education, I was a member of additive manufacturing and advanced manufacturing laboratory. I undertook comprehensive research on various types of manufacturing methods and optimization. My thesis was also about the improvement of additive manufacturing with composite materials, statistical modeling and machine learning optimization (Score: 19.23 out of 20). Moreover, I extensively conducted research into artificial intelligence for advanced manufacturing. I have an in-depth knowledge of programming, simulation methods and modeling.

Because of my super interest in data science, I have joined a professional research group (since 2018) at Tehran University, -Tehran, -Iran those who work on machine learning and deep learning applications, forecasting, image processing and signal processing. This cooperation has led to several valuable publications and helped me to significantly gain insight into the data analysis area including two practical applications: energy systems and market prediction.

Language[edit | edit source]

Language skill

Persian Native
English Fluent (IELTS: 6.5)

Training courses[edit | edit source]

Python Coursera
Machine Learning and deep learning Coursera

Publications[edit | edit source]

Machine Learning Applications

Nabipour M, Nayyeri P, Mosavi A, Shamshirband Sh. Predicting Stock Market Trends using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms via Continuous and Binary Data. Journal of IEEE Access. Status: published

Ahmadi A, Nabipour M, Mohammadi B, Moradi A. Long-term Wind Power Forecasting using Tree-based Learning Algorithms. Journal of IEEE Access. Status: published
Ahmadi A, Nabipour M, Mohammadi B, Moradi A. Ensemble Learning-based Dynamic Line Rating Forecasting under Cyberattacks. Journal of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery. Status: published
Ahmadi A, Nabipour M, Taheri S, Mohammadi B, Moradi A. A Novel Framework for Detecting FDI Attacks on Forecasting Systems. Journal of IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. Status: accepted
Taheri S, Nabipour M, Ahmadi A, Mohammadi B. Employing Deep Learning Algorithms for Fault Detection of HVAC Systems. Journal of Energy and Buildings. Status: under revision.

Nabipour M, Ahmadi A, Moradi A. Damage detection of wind turbine system employing signal processing and machine learning techniques. Status: preprint

My primary contribution to the papers: Machine Learning Engineering
Manufacturing, Optimization, Machine learning (from Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory)

Nabipour M, Akhoundi B, Bagerisaed A. Manufacturing of polymer/metal composites by FDM process with polyethylene. Journal of Applied polymer science. Status: published

Nabipour M, Akhoundi B. An experimental study of FDM parameters effects on tensile strength, density and production time of ABS/Cu composites. Journal of plastics and elastomers. Status: published
Akhoundi B, Nabipour M, Hajami F, Shakoori D. An Experimental Study of Nozzle Temperature and Heat Treatment (Annealing) effects on Mechanical Properties of HTPLA in Fused Deposition Modeling. Journal of Polymer Engineering & Science. Status: published

Akhoundi B, Nabipour M, Mosavi A, Shamshirband. Calculating printing speed for polylactic acid/continuous glass fiber composites via fused filament fabrication. Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials. Status: published

Nabipour M, Akhoundi B, Mosavi A, Shamshirband. Intelligent defect detection in additive manufacturing using deep learning-based image processing. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. Status: under review

Akhoundi B, Nabipour M, Mosavi A, Shamshirband. Intelligent fault diagnosis of FDM process considering vibration signals. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. Status: under review

My primary contribution to the papers: Problem Definition and Data Analysis

Professional experience[edit | edit source]

Member of Advanced manufacturing laboratory Tarbiat Modares University


Cooperation with Smart energy systems laboratory University of Tabriz


Cooperation with Machine Learning laboratory NTNU


Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Since 2018
Reviewer of IEEE journals, Plose one, MDPI Journals Since 2020

Software skill[edit | edit source]

·         Solidworks ·         Python ·         Inventor ·         Abaqus
·         Solidcam ·         Comsol ·         Catia ·         Matlab

Teaching experience[edit | edit source]

● Teaching assistant for numerical analysis/ Babol Noshirvani University of Technology 2014
● Teaching assistant for physics 2 course/ Babol Noshirvani University of Technology 2014
● Teaching assistant for advanced mathematics/ Tehran Tarbiat Modares University 2016
● Teaching assistant for DOE course/ Tehran Tarbiat Modares University 2017
● Teaching machine learning applications/ Online course 2021

Work experience[edit | edit source]

Satrap Knowledge enterprise for progressive manufacturing Researcher into additive manufacturing 2015−2016
Petro sadaf Manufacturer of wellhead equipment Technical engineer 2017-2018
Zharfiran Data science company Data scientist 2018-2020
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