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Name Matthew (Nick) Veldt
Affiliations Michigan Technological University
Location Michigan, USA
Interests 3D printing, OSH
Groups 777 Users 2019
Courses MY4777
Registered 2019
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Contributions Weighing scales\mass balance

I was born in the States but grew up most of my life overseas in Romania and Spain as part of a missionary family, which gives me a rather unique perspective on life in some ways. I am quite the nerd/geek, and have a large passion for math and board games, among many other hobbies.

At the moment I am a fourth year dual major in mechanical engineering and mathematics at Michigan Technological University. I anticipate graduation after Spring 2020.

Past Work Relevant to Appropedia[edit | edit source]

I am a part of the 4777 class of Fall 2019 at Michigan Technological Institute.

Open Source 3-D Printing Class[edit | edit source]

Proof of Print Build Online Students[edit | edit source]


Mini Projects[edit | edit source]

Big Projects[edit | edit source]

Scientific Equipment Project[edit | edit source]

For this project, I designed a mounting system so that Delta-style printers can be adjusted to print with 2-part epoxy resin without removing and re-positioning the extruder motor. I created a system of gears, one pair of which is slightly notched in the center, designed to grab and pull filament through. In theory, after feeding a sufficient amount of filament through and mounting it on the Delta printer, the extrusion motor can retract it through the gear system, causing motion. Gear reduction increases torque and reduces velocity, feeding the impulse into a worm gear that compresses the syringe, extruding the resin. To mix the resin as it is printing, I modeled a helical twist bowtie static mixer with six revolutions inside. It is not at the moment confirmed whether this nozzle works correctly(I personally suspect that it needs to be expanded somewhat to properly allow the paste through), but should adjustment be needed, it can be scaled. This nozzle fits into a slot in an altered version of the Athena II hot end effector. At the moment, the components are sized to one specific brand of 2-part epoxy resin syringes, which I could not name due to my own negligence on the matter.

The NIH page for the files is found here: [1]

The OpenSCAD files and .stl files can be found at the thingiverse entry for them here. [2] OpenSCAD files and stl files are found there. If you have any love at all for neat, commented code, you may want to brace yourself. I have not cleaned it up yet, and it is likely painful to work through. It has so much spaghetti you could be forgiven for mistaking me for a particularly passionate pasta enthusiast. Enter at your own peril.

Those files depend on a couple of things. First of all, of course, I altered a couple of the athena parts, so the associated files are needed. They can be found here[3][4].

I also used a repository of parametric gears, which can be found here[5].

The nozzle is a helical twist static mixer. Details on the design can be found here[6].

Epoxy Extruder.jpg

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