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This is me in Peru! I was on day three of four day hike on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

About Me[edit]

Marissa Woolsey
Hello! My name is Marissa, I am currently studying environmental engineering at Humboldt State University. I transferred there from a community college in southern California. While I was still living in SoCal I was part of the college's tennis team, and participated in the BEE's club as well as volunteered for the Irvine Ranch Conservancy. I have a passion for traveling, trying new foods and meeting new people. I chose to be an engineering major so I can help with a movement I am passionate about, water quality. My goal is to eventually find a way to clean our oceans and eliminate contaminants in it.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Learning ways to improve ocean water quality and life.
  • Finding new and innovative ways to bring electricity/power to people and countries in need.
  • Connecting with individuals around the world to improve the living environment for animals and people.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

This section contains documents and brief descriptions of work of done regarding engineering.

  • Intro to Environmental Engineering (ENGR115); worked on various engineering labs ex: a hydrogen fuel cell lab.
  • Testing the DO and BOD in a local lake in Arcata CA

ENGR115 Memo

This is a link to the Solar Dehydrator I helped create and build

Project Portfolio[edit]

This section is dedicated to my work, as well as collaborative work, on my ENGR 215 project. Team BALM created
a solar food dehydrator for our client The Sanctuary. Below are links to our compiled work document, a AutoCAD
representation of the shelving units, our Trello page (used for group organization), and some other additional documents for
this project.

Excel_Personal Time Sheet
Project Video
Project Appropedia Page
Section Four Memo

Marissa Woolsey's Additional Information[edit]