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This is me

About Me[edit]

My name is Max Hullman, I'm an Environmental Resources Engineering student at HSU. My hometown is Tulsa, Oklahoma and I was born in Luxembourg. I love to travel, I also enjoy longboarding, running, sailing, skiing, camping and pretty much anything outdoors.


In my Engineering 215 Design class (spring of 2011 at HSU) my team and I, the Organic Flapjacks, worked on a vermicompost solution for a school. We wrote and formatted a technical document, created memos for submitting documents, (Here is one of them I created), constructed the project, tested it and presented it.

Each team member needed to keep track of their time spent for ENGR 215, organized into time spent on our final project and time spent on course material, which can be seen on this page. We also planned the project ahead of time by using a Gantt Chart, which shows each task required with an estimated completion date.

For the class we had numerous Microsoft Word and Excel assignments, as well as AutoCad 2006 LT drawings. On this page is an AutoCad assignment, and a sample of our technical document can be seen here.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Solar Power
  • Climate Interaction
  • Energy Consumption

Pre-HSU Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Tulsa Technology Center (Project Lead the Way PLTW)
  • HSU ENGR 115 Webpage
  • Inherited Engineering Thought Process