Background and Interest[edit | edit source]

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I am currently pursuing my bachelor degree at Azad University Science and Research Branch in Energy engineering major with the overall GPA of 3.4. I am among the top 10% students of the class with the average GPA score 3 out of 4. I obtained my ILO certificate on “photovoltaic systems design” and “Zero Energy buildings” on 2020 which solidified my knowledge and understanding of photovoltaic systems.

To deepen my knowledge of photovoltaic systems I decided to do my internship at Pars Energy Co., a company specialized at designing, installing and certifying solar panels. As a part of my role I worked with a group of experts to design photovoltaic systems for residential buildings. My previous experience in cell phone circuit repair also helped me in installing and testing solar panels during my internship.

Beside my hardware experience, I have a hands on experience working with Pvsyst, Solarius and design builder softwares as well as python programming language.

I have a great understanding on electrical energy systems and thermodynamics. I am really interested to work on Pv systems coupled with heat pumps, open source building integrated PV and floatovoltaics which is great subject for increasing efficiency of panel.