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Born and raised in Resende- RJ graduated in mechanical engineering at Fluminense Federal University (UFF [1]) in Volta Redonda – RJ, with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering at São Paulo State University (Unesp[2]) Guaratinguetá – SP. Nowadays I`m a doctoral student in mechanical engineering at Unesp. In Unesp I work with materials characterization and design equipment for materials processing, with a focus on low-cost types of equipment for research and schools.

Current Research Projects and tutoring students[edit]

*Low-cost viscosimeter to Al-Si alloy[edit]

Tutor’s scholarship (CNPq [3])

*Directional solidification furnace to metal foam, liquid route and using CaCO3[edit]

Tutor’s scholarship (CNPq)[4]

*Particle size analysis for a shredder designed to polymers[edit]

Tutor’s scholarship (CNPq)[5]

Fig 1:Shredder's teeth  

*3D filament extruder[edit]

Pupil scholarship (Fapesp [6])

Fig 2a: The 3d filament extruder almost finished  
Fig 2b: Diameter controler system  

*3D printer and 3D filament extruder to use for development of scholar materials[edit]

Pupil scholarship (CNPq)[7]

*Low-cost Rotating Pure-Beam Fatigue Machine[edit]

Laboratory supplies (CNPq)[8]


Laboratory - National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq [9]) – Number 305959/2017-4 My scholarship – CNPq – Number 168694/2018-2

Completed Projects[edit]

Analysis of Aluminum foam using Alporas methodology and Calcium carbonate with foam agent[edit]

Scholarship - Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES [10])

Fig 3a: Furnace to process  
Fig 3b: Aluminum foam sample  
Fig 3c: Mechanical test sample  


Control and characterization of morphology, distribution and size pores of aluminum foams using different silicon concentrates