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Marc Davis
Marc Davis is currently a student at Cal Poly Humboldt and will be graduating with bachelors degrees in psychology and anthropology in May 2014. Marc's anthropological style emphasize linguistic anthropology and ethnography as two of the key approaches within the field of social sciences to objectively study, understand and addressing modern social and international issue. Marc's anthropological interests center around the modern Peoples Republic of China, where he lived for 7 months and attended Xi'an international language institute for 5 months. China's sensitive internal issues and international relations are Marc's major focus study. more information of Marc's anthropological work can be viewed at his new/ in-progress professional portfolio blog at[1]. Marc's psychological approach is most heavily influenced by Evolutionary psychology, Neuroscience and behaviorism, Social Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. Although Marc's anthropological perspective is heavily influenced by his studies in psychology his ultimate goal is to go into the professional field counseling and work to create more culturally sensitive and there for more comprehensive therapy techniques. Marc has been diversely employed including as a elementary school science teacher, ski instructor and even at a roller rink. He is Currently employed at Trumpet Behavioral health [2] as a behavioral therapist working with autistic children and their families. A few of Marc's other interests include Skiing, Rock and Tree Climbing, Hiking,Long boarding, fishing, reading, following international news,visiting old friends, eating new or foreign cuisines and trying new things.

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