Manan Mehta[edit | edit source]

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About me :-[edit | edit source]

I am enrolled as a full-time Masters's Student at Michigan Technological University. My major is Electrical Engineering, specializing in a power system. I am having professional experience of 2 years, working at S.P.Engineering, Surat, India.

Research Interest:-[edit | edit source]

Research interest in power systems and renewable lies within me because of professional experience and undergrad undertaken renewable projects. Main idea moving towards this field was because of the increasing demand for power so advanced in technology is necessary in a generation, transmission, and distribution

Professional Experience:-[edit | edit source]

Electrical Engineer | S.P. Engineering | Surat, India July 2018 – June 2019

• Experienced in Electrical power system studies which includes designing, testing, Commissioning, installing and troubleshooting of Switchgear: -

1. 1250A ACB (Air circuit breaker) incomer(Main switch) with 320A and 160A SFU (Switch Fuse Unit) and MCB for Power Distribution & VFD panel and Distribution panel with APFC 800A ACB and Distribution with SFU and changeover.

2. Motor control Centre (MCC) panel with VFD drive, Star- delta and DOL starter Panel with 630A MCCB Incomer.

3. 650kVAR Automatic Power Factor Correction panel with 1000A ACB incomer and CT coil for current measuring.

4. Design of Speed Control of three Phase Induction Motor using VFD (Variable frequency drive).

• Managed, Guided and Monitored newly recruited team for designing and development of distribution panel with APFC.

• Leaded a team for analyzing and installing the cast resin dry type transformer onto Volvox Delta ship owned by Vanoord in Sri Lanka.

Junior Technician | S.P. Engineering | Surat, India September 2014 – May 2015

• Analyzed power flow of the transmission system and control panel (MCC Panel, Distribution Panel, VFD based APFC panel).

• Performed troubleshooting of DC slitting machine (415V/50Hz,7.5HP), diagnosed by doing back engineering and resulted a fault in DC motor.

• Developed One Line diagram & wiring of electrical control panel (MCC Panel, Distribution Panel, VFD based APFC panel).

Project Experience[edit | edit source]

Life Cycle Assessment of packaged bottled water system compared to an on-site Electric filtered water system | October 2019 – December 2019

• Project determined the environmental and economic impact of using bottled water versus an Electric water filtration system and Life Cycle assessment was executed using SimaPro and formulated using methods ECOINDICATOR- 95, IPCC GWP 2013 and CUMULATIVE ENERGY DEMAND.

Speed Control of 3-phase Induction motor using VFD | S.P. Engineering | August 2018

• Executed and developed speed control panel for 3phase induction motor using VFD (variable frequency drive) for slitting machine. 7.5Hp Induction motor, INVT VFD and Protection was done with contactor in composition with overload relay

Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller | BE in Electronics | June 2017 – May 2018

• Developed and designed Electronic DC-DC converter (SEPIC Topology) that optimizes the match between the solar array and battery bank or utility grid and provides constant output irrespective of irradiance in solar panel. • Perturb & Observe (P&O) algorithm was implemented to achieve the maximum power point.

Magnetic Levitation | BE in Electronics | January 2017 – June 2017

• Magnetic Levitation was designed and demonstrated to learn about principles of magnetic suspension in which object is suspended with no support other than magnetic field. • Here vertical position of magnet was measured using a linear Hall Effect sensor (OH49E) and current in electromagnet was controlled by LPC2148, which was programmed using keil μvision software using C++ programing language

Power Generation using speed breaker and Windmill | Diploma in industrial electronics | June 2013 – May 2014

• Electricity is generated by replacing speed breaker with roller mechanism and mechanically connected to the shaft of dynamo (DC generator), which in turn generates electricity with minimal input and stores in battery Generation of power using kinetic energy of the vehicle.

Paper Publication and Certification:-[edit | edit source]

• “Integrated solution for renewable” Published research paper in McGraw Hill Publication | 24/02/2018 Conference: Multicon-W2018, Thakur College of Engineering

• Electric Power system |August 2019| Coursera | University at Buffalo | Credential ID: AC2QV33AHYXU

Extra Curricular activatives:-[edit | edit source]

• Participated in INDIA INNOVATION CONTEST organized by TEXAS INSTRUMENT with following project idea:

Green Energy – Novel Approach |August 2016

Integrated Solution for Renewable |August 2017

•Leaded a team in ABU ROBOCON CONTEST 2016-2017 and Committee Member of RAS (Robotics and automation society) and obtained leadership and management skills by working as head of wiring department for ROBOCON. [[Category:]]