This is me! I took this back home in Arizona over break (2012).
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Name Makenna Waterfield
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Name: Makenna Waterfield

I am a sophomore who (as of last semester) is an Environmental Resources Engineering major at HSU. Before I changed my major, I was studying Environmental Science when, late my freshman year, I made the decision to become an architect. It is my dream to open my own business in sustainable architecture. I have also recently picked up cello here, because I learned HSU loans instruments to students for no charge! If anyone has felt the urge to learn how to play an instrument, I strongly advise checking out our music department. I am very passionate in the arts and in my past I have participated in 6 years of theatrical arts, 4 years of advanced art, 5 years of advanced dance, and many other forms of art. If anyone feels like they need a good chat about any of the topics mentioned above, come find me!

"I call architecture frozen music." - J.W. Goethe

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Sustainable Design
  • Architecture
  • Solving Problems

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Studied Passive Solar Design Briefly
  • Various Field Volunteer Work
  • Previous ENGR courses

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

Here are a few examples of the work I have completed both on my own and in a group:

  • Memo: Memo for ENGR215
  • Excel Spreadsheet: Timesheet for ENGR 215
  • Gantt Chart: Group Plans for ENGR215
  • AutoCAD: 3D Draft of a Simple House
  • Collaborative Document: Rapid Compost document for ENGR215 Spring 2012

The work posted above is from my ENGR215 course, taken in Spring 2012.

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