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Graduated from Dollar Bay High School in the spring of 2019. I was involved with Dollar Bay SOAR for my entire high school career. Throughout my time in SOAR, I received experience in leadership, design, Arduino programming, and OpenSCAD.

SOAR Enterprise Projects[edit]

  1. Dual Culture Diffusion Apparatus (DCDA)- In 2016, I was assigned to a team in charge of reverse engineering and modifying a DCDA (info)for the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. SOAR was recruited for the task because of our experience in water-sealing underwater objects. One of the modifications that I helped to create for the DCDA was an o-ring design. The o-ring drastically helped prevent water leaking in or out of the apparatus. While modifying the DCDA, I learned how to generate G-code to run a CNC mill. From using a wizard to create the G-code, to reviewing the code, I learned how to confidently operate a CNC mill.
  2. Battery Testing- In 2018, I was in a small group of students assigned to working with the brushless motors that we were using at the time. The motors were having issues with shutting off mid-use. It was found that the problem could be fixed by adjusting how the electronic speed controllers where programmed.
  3. Leadership- Leadership experience is one of the big things that I went through in my years with SOAR. As a Director of SOAR for two years, I was forced to become comfortable in delegating jobs to peers, public speaking, explaining ideas, and representing my work.

Work Completed[edit]

OpenSCAD coding has been a big part of my work with SOAR. From using it to give visual aid for calculus work, or designing parts for SOAR, I learned the basics of code for designing 3D parts.

Some of my work below:

  • Visual aid for calculus work- finding the volumes of irregular shapes. Calc_visualaid Using OpenScad made it significantly easier to witness how Riemann sums and slicing of the shape would work out in each problem.
  • Customized parts for various projects- bearing mount for motor mount system. bearing_file