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Me at the Sonoma County fair.

About Me[edit]

Name: Luke Holland

I am 24 years old and a student at Humboldt State University. I am currently a botany major with a heavy interest in engineering and design and am considering a double major.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

My interest in engineering revolves around my fascination with nature and how we can use it as a design tool to solve problems in our world. I am very curious about biofuels, particularly algae fuels, as well as bioremediation technology that removes PAH's with biodegeneration. I am interested in almost anything in engineering that has to do with real life problems.

Experience in Engineering[edit]

I have been completing engineering projects before I knew what engineering meant. I think my first experience would be the blanket and tree forts I built as a kid. As I got older I participated in the planning and building of barns and decks on my parents property. My most recent engineering experience is the class I took last semester here at Humboldt. I hope to get much more hands on experience in the design and execution of an idea.