The following are search and research tips prepared for my students, but available for all.

Level up your Google skills[edit | edit source]

    • use quotes for exact matches: "search term"
    • use around(2) for words close to each other: search around(2) term
    • use - to prevent results: "search term" -semester
    • use specific units: kWh
    • search a specific domain: search term site:gov
    • search a specific site: search term
    • search by file type: search term filetype:pdf
    • search in a range of numbers: number..number search term
    • only find in title: intitle:search term
    • see lifehacker and this cheat sheet for more.
  • Find in Wikipedia or Appropedia and then follow their references

Journals and Books[edit | edit source]

  • The library is your friend.
  • If you are at Cal Poly Humboldt, check out their library and the the CCAT library!
  • Google Scholar works.
  • and are great resources.
  • Also see for a directory of open access journals!
  • If there is a journal article you can't access due to a paywall, consider sending a nice (and short) request to the authors. They often can and will share it with you directly!

Discussion[View | Edit]

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