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About Me[edit | edit source]

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Name:Elena Flores

I am a super duper senior in my last year of college. I will be graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. I am in My 6th year at Humboldt State University and in my 5th year as a Business major. I have many hobbies, but my favorite is Photography.

Interests in Technology and the Environment[edit | edit source]

I have always had an interest in the correlation between technology and how it effects the environment and vice versa. I have never truly advanced my learning of the simple technology emerged in my every day life. I am also interested in the way technology has influenced water, wind and solar powered energy. Specifically things you can use every day such as an Appropriate Technology Solar Powered Refrigerator or other household items.

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment[edit | edit source]

I do not have much experience with technology except for what I have learned about our everyday technology. I have limited experience with the environment as well, but have experienced canvassing for the environment. I worked a summer in Santa Cruz and surrounding cities to raise money for advanced technology in alternative energy. I am also working for a company currently who is planting 50 million trees in the next 50 years. I also have a lot of fun enjoying the environment with my family and friends.