Me at the Albert Einstein Gesumte Schule in Werdohl, Germany!

A Little About Me[edit | edit source]

Name: Kristy Lindquist

I grew up in northwestern North Dakota. I cherish the ocean and breath taking forest. Besides exploring the great outdoors, I enjoy speaking and reading German; well reading in general. I love animals, especially mine that I miss back home. My perfect day would include a picnic with an ocean view tucked behind a sandy dune, warming rays of sun beaming down and the roar, but comforting sound the the crashing waves.
Stunning photo of the North Coast. Makes me look like a professional!

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

  • Renewable energy, particularly solar and wind.
  • Helping people in need within the community by the resources that are available.
  • Learning about new technological advances as well as the creativity of reusing old items for new products.
  • Using creativity and technology to generate sustainable economic development.

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

My Experience in AP.Tech. HA HA HA!
  • I have an economic and mathematical background, which I am passionate about.
  • I have a good understanding about the various compositions of matter and their chemical and physical properties.
  • Helping people in need with strategic problem solving.
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