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Name Krisna Diastama
Nationality Indonesia
Languages English, Indonesian
Skills Microcontrollers, PLC, 3D CAD, Python
Interests Manufacturing, Biofabrication, Education, TTRPG
Registered 2022
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Krisna Diastama[edit | edit source]

I'm an engineer who worked on creating small lab equipment, programing PLC for larger automation projects, and became a coordinator and tutor in classes at college and in high-schools. I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering Physics from Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia at 2021. My courses encompassed many advanced physics from building physics to quantum mechanics for material science and also many engineering skills from making circuit boards to industrial automation and instrumentation. I am interested in the development of sustainable production methods and supply chains, mostly to increase resilience and help empower people and communities to create.

Research Interest[edit | edit source]

  1. Scaling sustainable manufacturing
  2. Agriculture, biofabrication, and recycling
  3. Engineering education and community hacker-spaces
  4. Global priorities research and policy planning

Past Projects[edit | edit source]

Chicken Farm Automation System[edit | edit source]

Worked on designing the control system and programing the PLC for a large scale Chicken Farm at 2021-2022. It was a joint program between Engineering Physics ITB and a local farmer and I worked as an Alumni while also guiding the students that joined the project.

Potentiostat & Hepatitis Sensor Device[edit | edit source]

Worked to create devices for the ITB Advance Functional Material Lab for my final year project and later as part-time research project at 2021-2022. The Lab develops materials for biosensors and for batteries, and I worked on creating devices to use the materials. One of the devices was a device for medical practitioners to read blood samples using voltametry to identify if its infected with Hepatitis. I made the casing (Using 3D printing), did the electronic integration, and programmed the analysis and HMI software.

Project page:

Potentionstat 1.jpg

DIY Home Garden and Aquaponics[edit | edit source]

A personal project at home where I made an aquaponic system with IoT control and data logging. The system is controlled using a ESP32 connected to a Node-RED server and SQL database, and measures light, temperature, humidity, PH, EC, as well as a photo time-laps. Grew Pakcoy and water spinach, also tried composting and fermenting on the side.

Aquaponik 2.jpg

Aquaponik 1.jpg

Tech for Teens[edit | edit source]

An ITB Engineering Physics Student Group social service program at 2019-2020 where we taught simple engineering at a partnering high school. We taught the students to make simple analog circuits powered using small solar cells and garden automation using Arduino controlled circuits.

TfT 2.jpg

Practicum Assistant Coordinator[edit | edit source]

Worked as a Assistant Coordinator for multiple practicums during college where I didn't just coordinate the execution but also design many of the modules since many changes were required because of the pandemic. Worked on practicums about analog electronics, digital microcontroller based electronics, data transmission, and agriculture automation.

Practicum 1.jpg

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