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Kourtnie Bossler

About Me[edit]

Name: Kourtnie Bossler

I am originally from Missoula, Montana and I am an Environmental Engineering student. I love outdoor activities including: camping, running, surfing, longboarding, and mountain biking. I also love to create and experience good food.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • River Hydraulics
  • Water Quality
  • Environmental Resources Engineering Student Association

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Quantifying the amount work required to produce hydrogen with the help of a fuel cell.
  • Determining the correlation between the mercury concentrations in fish and their length at Clear Lake.
  • Writing a fortran computer program to size a reservoir for Missoula, MT.


A memowritten about each team members participation in the Rube Golberg Project.
An excel document used to calculate the size for the greywater treatment system for the Intro to D.
A gantt chart used to plan assigments for the Intro to Design project.
The design document made by collaborating with other group members in Intro to Design.
A auto CAD document made to show the dimensions of room.
A resumeshowing my skills and qualifications.