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Name Kesiena Berezi
Location Illinois, USA
Nationality Nigeria
Languages English, Pidgin
Interests 3D printing, OSH, Solar Car
Courses ENGR242
Email berezikesiena@gmail.com
Registered 2023
Impact 983
Contributions 242 Big Money Project
Bracelete stand

Hi, I am a student of Principia College majoring in computer science. I am taking the ENGR 242 (3D Printing) class.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Kesiena Berezi is an international student from Nigeria. He is a freshman studying Computer Science at Principia College. Kesiena is part of Principia's solar car team where he applied his critical thinking and problem solving skills effectively. In the fall, he played soccer which is considered one of his favorite sports. His favorite sports team is the Gunners (Arsenal).

Reflection on Open Source Hardware[edit | edit source]

I am particularly drawn to the open source movement because it empowers individuals and communities to collaborate and innovate without the restrictions of software and property laws. It encourages a culture of sharing and learning.

My experience building a jelly box was a great example of example of participation in the open source community. It is an open source project that gives hands-on experience with with the electronics and mechanics of the jelly box printer.

I hope to continue exploring the open source movement and it's potential to create a positive change in society.

PRINTS[edit | edit source]

Picture What it is Description
Preliminary Print.jpg Mini House cube This was the first project we did, which was used to test the caliberation settings of the printer.
My fisrt Print.jpg Preliminary Print This was a print of an object I downloaded from thingniverse. I had to use print it with support but it was hard taking off the support hence why it's missing a legIt was the first time I used cura.
Z-probe Mount.jpg Left Fan Mount - My replacement parts for the printer. I printed a replacement part for my printer (Z-probe mount),
Snow man.jpg Snowman Printed a snowman I designed using blender. I could'nt get one of the arms to print because I used support to Build plate only. The nose also didn;t come out well because of lack of support. The mouth wasn;t defined because I used coarse definition. I really enjoyed using blender
Arsenal stand.jpg Arsenal Crest Print of an object I downloaded off thingiverse. I kinda messed up with the scaling on cura
Propel.jpg Propeller Blades Print of propeller blades I designed using FreeCad. This was acually my second attempt. The first one failed because the blades were too thin.
Coin trap.jpg Coin Trap Print of a coin trap I designed using Openscad. I failed at my first attempt to print because i put the coin in the trap too early and was detected by the z_probe. I really like Openscad although it might be really confusing to people without coding experience.
Customizer.jpg Customizer Customizer designed using Openscad with the help of my Proffessor.
Educational Aid Project This is shape sorter. The main goal of it is too fit shape peices into corresponding holes. It teaches children about sha

pes, develops hand-eye co-ordination. Shape sorters are simple toys but they are very important to a child's early development. I designed the shape sorter using open-scad and used $6.65 worth of filament.It costs about $12 to get it from stores like amazon.File:Educational project.stl     File:Shapes.stl File:Cover stl.stl

Bird Feeder.jpg
OSAT PROJECT This is a 3D printed chicken feeder. I designed it a way such that it would be able to hold a larger quantity of feed and dispense it gradually as the chickens eat, this by screwing in a PVC pipe to the top of the bird-feeder . This reduces waste of feed on the ground. Additionally, the design of the feeder makes it easy to clean and disinfect, reducing the risk of contamination and ensuring the health of the chickens. I designed this using Open SCAD and used about $1.16 worth of filament.File:Bird-feeeder.stlHere is the file.

Courses with a service learning component[edit | edit source]

I have used Appropedia to support the following courses:

Resources for Educating Children[edit | edit source]

If you are contributing to Appropedia - you should seriously consider submitting a manuscript once your project has come together

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