Isolation can be accomplished trough:

  • having set up the correct sanitation systems, ... mentioned in the Appropriate living manual
  • reduce interaction with anyone that has gotten a malady,
  • wearing sufficient clothing in areas when pathogen carrying insects are known to sting (eg mosquito's carrying malaria, tse tse fly, ...); see clothing production for the creation of suitable garments that can prevent insect bites
  • Disease-repelling plants can be spread in rooms be used by means of electric vaporisers or flame-based vaporisers[1] or dry herb heaters[2] Note that the substances however need to be spread in each room, ie by placing one unit in each room, or via a HVAC duct.
  • See body hair for body hair removal in the intrested of hygiene/disease control. Given that body hair (mostly including facial body hair) does not provide any protection against insect bites (?), body hair does not serve any useful purpose anymore (originally provided some insulation), and is best removed in the intrest of hygiene/disease control. See File:Hygiene center.png