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 Hi, I'm Kristen Carfang and am interested in learning about more about 
 Engineering , Chemistry, and Nanotechnology. 
 I am currently a student at Clarion University,  
 where I am starting my studies in nanotechnology.  
 A few of the areas I'm currently interested in are;
 the enhancement of food, ways to clean environment(air and water   
 pollution), and the impact on how fuel is used and obtained. 
 So basically how nanotechnology can benefit, the environment
   around us.

Research These are a few articles about the steps being taking, to clean up the contamination in the ground using varying nanoparticle

Soil Contamination -

Abstracts of Remediation Case studies-

Researchers Using Proteins To Develop Nanoparticles To Aid In Environmental Remediation -

Centers for Biological and environmental Nanotechnology -

      Google Scholar
           " ferritin nanoparticles in environment"
       Iron and Cobalt Oxide and Metallic Nanoparticles Prepared from Ferritin
           "nanoparticles in environment Remediation"

Nanotechnologies for environmental cleanup -

EPA Nanotechnology white paper(pg 28) -

Engineered Polymeric Nanoparticles for Soil Remediation -

Delivery Vehicles for Zerovalent Metal Nanoparticles in Soil and Groundwater


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