"It is easier to go down a hill than up it, but the view is much better at the top" Henry Ward Beecher

Hello everyone, I'm an Environmental Science & Management major at Cal Poly Humboldt. My main focus is in energy and climate. I am passionate about the environment and believe sustainability is the way to go. I am an open-minded individual, and whenever I have free time, I enjoy hiking.

Interests in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

Interests I have in Appropriate Technology include, but are not limited to, solar PV, solar thermal, natural building, community gardening, and rain water catchment systems.

Experience in Appropriate Technology[edit | edit source]

My experience in Appropriate Technology is currently a work in progress.

Experience in Technology & the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • AutoCAD beginner
  • ArcGIS beginner
  • Measuring/Testing for DO, pH, turbidity, and temperature in water
  • Excel Intermediate

Sample Documents[edit | edit source]

Below are examples of work my team and I created during the course of Engineering 215 - Introduction to Design, taught by Camille Penny.

Discussion[View | Edit]

Your 2021 impact stats are right here![edit source]

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Hi Julie! We thought you may want know that your top performing pages so far are:

  1. Cooperation Humboldt home lawn to community garden conversion (966 page views) Update!
  2. Zane Middle School starter box mobile greenhouse (918 page views) Update!
  3. Coefficient of performance (762 page views) Update!

Overall, your impact has been of 2,646 page views, woozaa!

Also, your user page has received 362 visits! People are interested in knowing more about you, edit your user page to tell the world what you've been up to.

Thanks for your contributions and for making Appropedia great, have a merry green Christmas!!

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