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Academic and Professional Background[edit | edit source]

Joshua is a Supply Chain Management and Mathematics (Data Science) student with experience in Digital Marketing and Ecommerce. As a Philomath, he is passionate about solving important social problems using social innovation and human-centered design.

As a member of MRU Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem and Makers Lab, he has worked on several business case competitions such as W.A.C.E, X-Culture and Social Impact Projects with, Vivacity and SDG hubs.

Joshua is currently seeking opportunities to work in building sustainable cities that are inclusive and accessible to all communities, including Data and Operations Research, Business Consulting Internship, SCM work experience or International Development Internship Initiatives.

Notable School Projects and Ventures:

• Food security through sustainable Agriculture and permaculture: Co-Founder SaladBar, SEED

• Building Sustainable Cities: Designed & Coded a platform that curates appropriate tech for WASH NGOs

• Redesigned underutilized Parks in Calgary: Vivacity Challenge

• Ecofriendly Stove Innovation in Kenya and Nepal: Project Stoke =>

• UNAC Green Corps with DeepWaterFarms

• Working to eradicate Homelessness - Cofounder Social Enterprise Ace Family Services

• Inclusion and livelihoods for women - Founder @DVBags collection for new moms

Research[edit | edit source]

SCM & Operations Research[edit | edit source]

  • Servicising
  • Data Science for ecommerce(Warranty, Market basket Analysis, Price Optimization, Inventory Management, & life time value prediction)
  • Retail & Ecommerce marketplace
  • Data Analysis and CRO(conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Innovative and sustainable business models,

International and Sustainable Development[edit | edit source]

  • Applied sustainability
  • Appropriate technology
  • Accessible technology
  • Barriers to scaling sustainable development
  • Open source/ open access and innovation through collaboration

Social Impact Projects and Entrepreneurship[edit | edit source]

Having spent 6 years living/working in 4 countries across Africa and North America, and worked on real life social and business issues in international teams from 20 countries, he has a unique perspective on global issues and the impact they can have on Canadians, and people of minority groups. Project Stoke - Ecofriendly Stove Innovation in Kenya and Nepal

EnactusMRU Project Stoke with Joshua Elekwa; 2016 TD Entrepreneurship Challenge Regional Champions

4.3 million people die every year because of cooking smoke inhalation. Project STOKE was an Enactus Mount Royal initiative that provided a sustainable solution to this problem through high-efficiency smokeless stoves. I was also one of the presenters at the Enactus World Competition, with the team that won the 2016 TD Entrepreneurship Regional Challenge.

Enactus - Food security through sustainable Agriculture and permaculture Alberta, CanadaAs an ambassador for Enactus, I conceived/member of SEED and a sustainability project targeting wastage due to single-use plastics in his local community. Together, with a team of Albertan youth, he educated, inspired, and mobilized participants to tackle the gross overuse of disposable items.

Salad Bar - Fun and Healthy Snacking Options For University Students During Exam Period

Cofounder of Initiative to provide a fun and healthier options for students especially in the evening when other restaurants within campus were closed and during exam period.

Vivacity Challenge - Redesigning Under-utilized Parks in 24 hours

Joshua also has a passion for the social effects of urbanization. His gold-medal-winning Urban Revitalization design for underutilized parks, extensive human practices work, international team management, civic inclusion initiatives and collaborations with 4 Universities in Alberta helped open his eyes to how urban centers across Canada can still be improved and further developed.

UNAC Green Corps with DeepWaterFarms

Ace Family Services Working to eradicate Homelessness - Cofounder Social Enterprise

X-Culture Business Case Competition 2020 - Wining Team

Represented my University at the X-Culture Business Case Competition working with my team to build and create marketing and sales collateral for a new poduct launch for a Multinational Company.

DVBags collection

Sustainable products for new Mothers. While donating the proceeds for Inclusion and livelihoods for women

Building Sustainable Cities: Designed & Coded a platform that curates appropriate tech for WASH NGOs

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