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User:Joe "Strizce" Zaizar

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My portraite photo taken by Hannah Haerr

About Me[edit]

Hello my name is Joe Zaizar,
I am currently a student at Humboldt State University persuing a degree in Journalism as a photojournalist. I work for Venatore Media, a company dedicated to documenting music festivals and concerts - as well as the local news - and providing promotion to organizations. I work with the love of my life Hannah Haerr as she expands her buisness - Humming Bird Hoops - in a means of creating hula hoops to spread the healing power of the hoop and the happiness it manifests.


  • Biking, specifically road biking. I am currently on the Humboldt State Cycling team and travel all over California and Nevada racing against D1 schools.
  • Photography, mainly skate documentary. I grew up skating so going out with the guys and a camera is the best.
  • Hula Hoopping


  • I have been with Venatore Media for almost two semesters now.
  • I was the photo editor for the student run magazine Osprey
  • Work with Collegiate Cycling News, documenting the collegiate road races in the Wester Collegiate Cycling Conference with photography.

Favorite sources of information[edit]

  • Aljazeera[1]
  • Washington Post[2]