Philosophical Jimmie

Name: James (Jimmie) Griggs

Hi, my name is James Griggs (but I go by Jimmie) I grew up around the Humboldt County area in a little town about 40 minutes south of Arcata called Ferndale. I am a third year Environmental Resource Engineering major here at Humboldt State University, but I did my first two years of college at UC Santa Barbara. I transferred from Santa Barbara because I decided after being undeclared for two years that my major was going to be Environmental Engineering, and since UC Santa Barbara does not offer an Environmental Engineering major program I had to transfer, and I ended up deciding on Humboldt State to be the destination of my transfer. The reason I decided upon Environmental Engineering to be my major has a lot to do with my summer job, which involves a lot of forest restoration work. All summer long I watch my boss, who owns a private construction company, make the visions of engineers and geologists come to life. One great example of our work is the Elk River Trail, and you can find more information about this trail here: Elk River Trail. It is a beautiful place and I strongly suggest you go check it out sometime!

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Helping other people accomplish their goals

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • I have taken 4 years of woodshop in highschool and have built many pieces of furniture.
  • I do manual labor in forest restoration work in the headwaters forests in Humboldt County and I have seen visions of engineers come to life.
  • My dad is a "do it yourselfer" and ever since I was a kid I have always been helping him do various projects around our house, so I have a knack for finding and fixing problems whatever they may be

Portfolio[edit | edit source]