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Silver Salmon fishing in Alaska

About Me[edit]

Name: James Lambert

Yearning for Learning.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Waste water management
  • Remediation soil/water
  • Hydrology

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Summer 2009 Internship: H2A Water Remediation Service Dallas, Tx
  • Summer 2010 Village Project - Haiti


  • For Engineering 215, my group and I, Team Design Lab, designed an educational toolkit. This is the document we created while designing our kit:CAN YOU WorKit
  • This document,gantt chart shows a sample of project planning software.
  • This is a sample of an Auto CAD Drawing.
  • This is a memo that I made to turn in with a document.
  • This is a Spread Sheet Sample that keeps track of the amount of time I spent working on my design project as well as in class.