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About Me[edit]

Jesus David Rincon
I'm a Second Semester Freshman in the Environmental Resource Engineering program at Humboldt State University. I'm Currently involved with conducting research in HSU's physical chemistry department on Hydroxyl Radicals and the effect they have in the Atmosphere. Also I'm taking part in a semester long research project on novel High Energy compounds incorporating Phosphate groups using computational methods; hoping to publish in the journal of Undergraduate Research. I'm always looking forward for more potential projects as my experience in Humboldt Unfolds.

Interests in Engineering[edit]

  • Conducting research on water quality and desalination
  • Further expand my knowledge in material sciences to help innovate new types of membranes
  • Acquiring all the skills to become a well rounded independent engineer
  • Interested in the applications of material sciences to develop new technology

Experience in Engineering[edit]

  • Conducted lab experiments on the efficiency of Fuel Cells
  • Participated in field studies on the quality of Humboldt State's lakes and rivers.
  • Acquired basic skills in AUTOCAD

Interests in Chemistry[edit]

  • Helping understand how Hydroxyl radicals change our atmospheric environment
  • Helping understand surface chemistry between radicals in aqueous solutions and gaseous environments
  • Help innovate and experiment on how addition of nano particles such as gold can increase the electronic potential and increase voltage
  • Help innovate in current studies on how nano printing electrolytic cells could increase conductivity

Experience in Chemistry[edit]

  • Currently conduct research on Hydroxyl radicals produced by IronThocyanide
  • Working on a paper on the stability of a novel High Energy Molecule created with Phosphate ligands
  • Conducted Water Quality tests on the concentrations of Silica by complexing it with EDTA
  • Conducted Water Quality tests on the concentration of Chloride by analyzing it with a electrolytic cell

Eng. 215 spring project[edit]